Monday, April 7, 2014

Spina Bifida Shirts 2014

I dont know about you but these shirts speak volumes to me. They shout things Ive wanted to shout from the roof tops.

 This one especially. 
 aAnd this one!!

Would you like to order one of these? Would you like to use these to help with a fundraiser? Paypal Buttons will be available on the side bar. All these shirts will be pre order. Which means shirts will be made after 4 weeks of ordering is complete. Baby sizes will be available shortly. The ordering will begin APRIL 15. If you are interested in using these for a fundraiser please email me with the month you would like. Only one organization per month. If you would like to do a personal fundraiser to help with medical equipment, therapy or other similar things please email what you are raising for and we will help you with the details.