Monday, December 28, 2009


I wanted to give out some information regarding these little bikes.

We used to start a donation zone for a bike. Within a couple weeks the bike was completely covered!! You can check out the website here. They have all kinds of medical equipment and some pretty awesome therapy equipment. We were increidbly happy with the customer service.

There is also AMBUCS that can be used to create a wishlist for these bikes, you can check it out here We were having some problems with one of the pedals and they were kind enough to send us a part for FREE to help with foot positioning!! You can't beat that kind of service!!

These bikes really are great because they have thought of everything. A handle for parents to push (you dont have to bend over and kill your back) a seatbelt for the kids with a nice highback seat, straps for their feet (to keep them in position).

It was also just plain encouraging to see all the people that donated to the bike. Just wanted to share in case any of you were interested in one for an upcoming birthday or next christmas!

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