Monday, September 19, 2011

First place

This past weekend was very busy at the HennHouse. Walk, Run, and Roll. Soccer game. The zoo. Company. Papa's 60th birthday party. Training. Work for mom. In addition to the "normal" stuff we do.

At the Walk, Run, and Roll, Esther-Faith placed FIRST among the rollers. We're super proud of her. Although, she's not really sure what the fuss is about. She likes to go fast. And fast she went. Sometimes holding onto a hand. Sometimes propelling herself. Sometimes doing a wheelie.

The point is, she had fun. First place or last. She had fun.

And we felt so loved to have so many of our friends and family--some in person, some in spirit--supporting an organization that means so much to us.

What about you? Does your local organization have a Walk, Run, and Roll? A Walk and Roll? Any kind of active fundraiser?

I would LOVE to create a post with all of the dates and locations of the races around the country. I think my 14-year-old son and I might just start to travel to run them!

Hanging out with Coach Ryan.
Esther-Faith loves Coach Ryan.
But when pressed, she will still tell you
that she loves Kate more.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

Isaiah ran the 5K in 26:23.
Then he left immediately and played in a soccer game.
I don't think that child EVER gets tired.

Loving on her boy Eamon.

Bagels after the race.

Her preschool friend Nathan.
She was SO HAPPY to see him.

Choosing her first place prize.
A stuffed puppy.
She named it "Pony."

Aunt Kristen got to come to the race this year!
Esther-Faith convinced her to run across the finish line with her.

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Colleen said...

Kentucky's is on Oct. 1. Here's a list of Walk-N-Roll's: