Monday, October 10, 2011


I was quickly scrolling through the "United by Spina Bifida" and the "Take That Spina Bifida" groups on facebook before I had to turn my attention to homework and nighttime routines. I get maybe five to 10 minutes a day to catch up with people who I consider friends and co-travelers on this journey.

Tonight, I saw post after post after post of babies, children, and adults doing things that they were cautioned (and some told outright) wouldn't happen. Adults blowing off steam doing something they love. Children standing by pumpkins. Babies beating the odds.

And I was immediately moved to tears.

It doesn't take much. But what struck me was that I was looking at photos of children and parents doing normal things, but when I really looked, I realized that these normal, everyday experiences were anything but. Because watching your child walk into a field to pick a pumpkin when you thought he wouldn't walk is worth celebrating. Because watching your friend who has been through dozens of surgeries give birth to a baby is worth celebrating. Because realizing that a baby that was close to death two weeks ago is thriving today is WORTH CELEBRATING!!

I know it is Spina Bifida Awareness Month and that there is a lot of educating going on, but I think there is even more celebrating. And I love it.

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