Friday, August 26, 2011

For you all with love

So you know how I like to pretend?

I like to pretend to be a photographer, I like to pretend to be a crafter, I like to pretend to be a teacher.... : )

Well, now I'm pretending to be a graphic designer. Leigh Gibbs DO NOT SHOW your husband or tell him please! :)

I'm just pretending. Anyway I've been thinking about things I wanted to do around my house, but then started thinking about something not so self centered.

I thought, its been a while since I've contributed to the Spina Bifida Community.

So here's my newest contribution

They are just images I've worked up the last couple days on my computer. Do what you want with them or do nothing at all. I was on the other day and realized the amazing products that are out there. You can get any image printed on just about anything. Coffee cups, canvas, magnets, You name it, they print it. So I thought this would be an easy way for me to do a project without worrying about shipping you all things : ) we know how good i am at that.

I hope you like.

To view the full image or copy the image click here This is free. I have zero copyrights on them. Feel free to use, and pass around. I'll also put them up on pinterest if anyone is interested.

I do love all you guys and know that I'm thinking of you all the time.

I'm open to suggestions too if anyone has something like this theyd like created.


HennHouse said...

Love it. No pretending--girl, you have skillz.

Leigh and Andy said...

ha! Love these!! The first thing that came to mind was having them printed on something for PT gifts!! You are awesome...don't worry...Andy will approve! :)

Colleen said...

LOVE those!

Our family said...

These are great!