Thursday, April 8, 2010

Featured Child: Ian

There are some scary moments:

I live in a small town were there is not acurate specicalists and hospitals to tend to the needs of spina bifida, so i had to deliver out of town. i delivered Ian in one hospital but then he was taken to another for his surgeries.Ian was in the nicu longer then he needed to be due to a student nurce putting the wrong bandage on my son's back. that was a scary moment because while he was in one hospital I was in another with my kidneys failing, so I couldnt do anything to defend him.

Finding out the news:
I found out about Ian's spina bifida through an ultrasound, they presented the news to me as if it was the end of the world; sugesting I should abort him for his benefit.

Some people just know what to say:
The most encouraging words said to me was that doctors are wrong about knowing the future; it is up to the individual child to know were they were going to go, not the doctors.

Some people dont:

People ask why he isnt walking yet, and when I tell them he has spina bifida; they say is that curable, "is he going to have that his whole life?"

I'm Proud of him:

Ian is crawling as speedy as a racecar, pulling up on everything in sight; and cruising around along the couches like a pro, no doubt he will be walking by his next birthday.

Just a Kid:

Ian loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bananas
Ian is happiest playing with paper and boxes, he would rather be outside with his oulder brother then inside with me;he loves peek a boo. Ian is the most joyful and energetic 17 month old boy one would ever meet.
Ian has the cutest smile, his 4 teethed smile just steals your heart, he has the most contagious laugh

I love:

Personally I love how God has given me Ian with all his special issues, I love the joy he has and that he brings to our family. some of my family thought he was a burrden, but now they all know it is totally the highlight of our lives.


Colleen said...

What a cutie!

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