Friday, June 18, 2010

Extrodinary things

I know alot of you are and have been involved in fund raising for Spina Bifida. Trying to spread awareness, trying to share your story. I know if you are like me at all you can get discouraged and feel like you arent getting anywhere. Sometimes its ways that we never expect and things that we never plan on that actually makes waves and encourages people. I'm sure the little girl that was posted on here a few months ago never thought that swimmming would encourage This mommy's heart all the way in Texas. Or a boy doing skateboard tricks on his wheelchair would open my eyes to fun that Toby could have. So sometimes its just living our lives that is encouraging, that makes the difference. Sometimes its the things we deem ordinary that are truly extrodianry.

I say all that to share with you about a boy who is starting his acting career. A boy with Spina Bifida. Click here for his story. Again just some encouragement of the things are children can do. Limitations are talked about all the time, but wow there is so much more out there. So much they CAN do!

So keep going. Keep living. and keep doing extrodinary things!!


HennHouse said...

"sometimes its just living our lives that is encouraging, that makes the difference"

I love this...

Gretchen said...

And you just hit the mail on the head as to why I blog :) and why I share with families that have children younger than mine :)