Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Mommy Adventure.....

I had the opportunity to take a "Mommy Adventure" and did not get to post my regular scheduled blog last week. I just arrived home today and even though I am so exhausted I wanted to share what I learned.

My adventure was huge for both myself and for Madilyn. Since Madilyn's birth I have only been away from her for one night except for the time she spent in the NICU after she was born. I just could never leave her. She was always with me. Maybe I secretly struggled with leaving her care to someone else...even my husband, who is a great Dad. I realize that this may seem silly to some but I guess I needed Madilyn more than she needed me in a way.

On Tuesday, I headed off to camp with my oldest daughter. A week in the woods with a bunch of crazy girls. Madilyn and my husband dropped us off on Tuesday. We said our goodbyes and....I cried. But, Madilyn, gave me a huge and kiss and smiled as she and her daddy hopped back in the car and headed home.

The short story is this.... She survived and I survived. Daddy survived. He flushed her MACE and sterilized her "caths". He did all the hard stuff the can happen in a day. He loved just being Daddy and taking care of Madilyn and she loved being Daddy's girl.

As I was laying on my cot last night I realized that it is important to fill my own cup. I don't have to go on big adventures every week but there needs to be some time to just take a breath. I had been running on fumes for the last year. Spinal surgery, bowel surgery, foot problems, cath problems, multiple stays in the hospital, doctors appointments and so on. I never complain and I hope that you understand that I am not complaining at all. I do these things because I love my sweet Madilyn.

Each of us need to fill our cup. Replenish our soul so we can handle the hard things that come from caring for our children. It is not a selfish thing to take care of yourself. It is the most important thing.

I am grateful for our experience this week. I am grateful that Madilyn was able to do so well. I was a little jealous of her and her dad when they picked me up. I got a big and kiss and brought home my renewed strength.


HennHouse said...

"I realized that it is important to fill my own cup. I don't have to go on big adventures every week but there needs to be some time to just take a breath."


So glad it was good for both of you.

Gretchen said...

I SO AGREE... now if I could just figure out HOW to get a few stollen minutes to fill my cup. Seriously, I am game for ideas...

And I just want to say that I hope you thank your lucky stars and praise your man to no end that he STAYED there to walk out this journey with you! Because let me tell you, we are NOT all so lucky to have devoted men. Mine was even a nurse by training and couldn't handle our special son! So thank him tonight FOR ME, that he has the strength of charcter and the goodness in him to be there for you and your daughter :)