Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sorry I missed yesterday's post... I need some tips and tricks in relations to remembering the days of the week. :) The busy ness seems to meld them together.

I wanted to put together a post where we share some ideas of what has and maybe hasn't worked in the different ways that we may have to do things with our kiddos. I also want to help those mommies who may be expecting, and give you some ideas in preparation. I have a few, but I would love to get some comments ( I love comments) and some other ideas to add.


*Diapering- When we first brought Carson home we had to diaper him on his tummy because of his scar--- Well I still do. For us it is easier with the casts/braces and because of the sensitivity of his back.

Vaseline works better than any diaper cream I have tried.

*Bath-time- Because Carson goes potty constantly I now put a large paper towel behind his bottom when he is lying in his mesh tub--- This catches the dirty :) and keeps the water clean.

*Pacifier--- Try either warming it in hot water or placing it in the freezer. I do this when Carson is upset and not wanting to take the paci.

Cut two sides off of the Soothies-- The big circle tends to smash their noses and make it heavier. Without the sides it is more desirable.

* Swing/ bouncer- Buy a open kind-- hard to explain this so best to maybe look it up ( Fisher price- precious planet) If you have the clubbed feet casting/bracing they do not fit in any other kind.

Gotta go--- He is awake from his nap. :) I will run another post soon with some more tips and tricks. Please leave comments with your own. Thank you!

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The Forest Minstrel said...

Kare-bear, check with Sister because Mary Kay's Night Emolient Cream is GREAT for diapering. Especially if baby has a rash. I know moms where that's the only thing they use. The other good thing about it is that it's not mineral based, like Vaseline (altho' that IS still a great idea).
Auntie P