Saturday, December 18, 2010


So, I have a confession to make.
okay actually 2.

1. i named this post "confession" to get your attention in hopes you will read on. (horrible arent I?)

the real confession

2. I'm a skimmer. I skim super duper long posts. not always, but a lot of the time. if something is wordy, I skim. get the basic idea and move on. I skim when I read books, emails, facebook, blogs. I skim. so now that Ive confessed to's the post.

I clicked on a blogged the other day because it had a picture of Shea and whoooo hoooo was it a long one. wordy and the whole nine yards. I got into skim mode, but as I started skimming I thought, wait a minute...this is good stuff. and started back up at the top and read word for word.
it was worth it. It made me laugh, made me cry, made me smile and made me feel every single word written. so if you are a skimmer like me, and you might even be skimming this right now. STOP!!!!!
click and pop over to theriddingfamily blog. and read her post about our commmunity. I loved it.

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Amanda said...

Aww thanks so much!
Now you are going to make me cry!