Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friendships can be hard

Ive been missing in action!! I'm sorry!! Its that time of year where everything is busy busy busy. You all have kept me incredibly busy! And I am very thankful!!

So here is a quick post before I run out the door with 3 little ones to therapy.

This one is about friends. (our friends not our kiddos friends)

Friends can be tough situations sometimes. Sometimes things can be said and done, misunderstandings can happen. As mom's sometimes it can feel like a lonely life when it becomes aparrent that our lives are so different from our friends. It can feel like there is no middle ground. A playdate that is fun for others can turn into an incredibly sad day for us if we watch our child get left out, fall or just plain not be able to keep up. And yet no body knows. which then the loneliness comes into the scene.

When I have those days. Days when I feel like no one understands all I want to do is retreat. I want to break off friendships that are deep and meaningful. I want to go to surface relationships that I dont have to work on. I dont want to talk about how hard it is and I dont want anyone ti know how hard it is sometimes.

But really thats not the answer. Yes it can be hard. Yes there will be times of lonliness. But the worst thing we can do is to retreat. To hide. To sit under the rock of spina bifida and make that our excuse to not have relationships. Because really, if we start to do that what are our children going to do?

I have beautiful, amazing friends. Friends who want to understand, who want to be apart of my life and my children's lives. When I have those urges to retreat, to go run and hide I just have to plain stop myself. I have to get that backbone and say, "no way, no how." My friends are worth fighting through hurt feelings, hard moments and such feelings.

So anyways, I say all this to say. Keep on pressing, keep on being honest, keep on fighting for those relationships. They really are worth it in the end!!



Nate and Emily said...

what a great post! this is an important reminder. your absolutely right that sometimes you have to fight for these friendships to stay genuine otherwise they slip away.

Lacy said...

I almost wrote a blog about my feelings and friendships just the other day but never got around to it. It's been difficult for me to keep close friends just because of the busyness of life with Autumn and it does get lonely. Thanks for the encouraging words.