Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Labor of Love

Hi everyone. I enjoy reading this blog so much, that I realized I seldom write for it. ;) I treasure it's existence -the inspiring posts from each of the talented authors. The way it brings everyone together through common love and shared experience.
The heart of it's goals: Educate. Ecourage. Relieve. Reflect.
It's a wonderful outlet. A welcome oasis from the everyday life where we are the minority.
A beautiful community of people looking to help each other.
We come here to share stories - and we leave stronger than we came.
And I'm writing here tonight for strength.
Because 2 are stronger than 1.
And 103 working together as 1 has to be incredible.
Did you know we have 103 followers?
Wow. That's amazing!
103 at followers not counting those who just follow anonomously.
So here I am - asking for your 103 hearts to open up for moment - even wider than the already are :) - and meet someone very special.
Many of you have already met little Shea. You have melted over his big brown eyes and shy smile. And then your heart has broken over his story.
The story of an orphan.
4 years old.
Born with Spina Bifida.
In need of a family.
And nothing can bring him home easier than making a donation. The extreme expense of adoption is what discourages and prohibits so many from adopting.
And nothing can help him find his family quicker than spreading the word. Knowledge is power. A week ago none of us knew who Shea was - now almost 100 people "like" Saving Shea on faceboook. That's progress.
So please. Share Shea with your family and friends.
Post it on your blogs. Link to it on your facebook profile.
Email. Text. Talk. Pray.
Never forget to pray.
Pray that somewhere out there - a waiting family will see their future little boy in Shea's face.
Pray that hearts will be opened in generosity and that everyone will give something. Don't underestimate the value of $5 - because every little bit helps.
And we need every - little - bit to help Shea.
If everyone on this blog gave 5 dollars that would be over 500 dollars right there!
Kari has designed Saving Shea bracelets - and for each bracelet sold Shea's account gets $5!
So I'm asking you tonight - to do what you can to help Shea.
Together - we can save a little boy who shares a common bond with our children - but lacks the family to support, love and fight for him.

So let us fight for him.


Nicole said...

We have been blessed to be able to adopt two precious girls with SB... it's an amazing experience, and one that needs lots of support from others, both financially and in prayer.

Kari said...

joanna i just love that i wrote on your wall on facebook about doing this before i checked it!! hahaha we are completely on the same page. its almost scary!