Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let's talk about books....AGAIN! : )

Tonight, I want to go back to books.

Ive already recommended one, "Chronic Kids, Constant Hope" Just in case you missed that post. Good book. Run and Buy it.

Now the second one is slightly closer to my heart. : ) I want to tell you about a book that greatly affected my life. It's my husband's. I know it might seem self-serving to recommend this one. But I have a purpose and it's not a self-serving purpose.
This book and the ideas and thoughts put together truly changed my life and my way of thinking.
In his book, "Be Confident in Your Creation" My husband writes about insecurities, disabilities, trials and the list goes on. The reason I believe this is different then maybe some others is that it comes from the perspective of not only a Father to a disabled son (Toby), but from a man with a disability himself. Nathan, (that's his name) lost his eye when he was nine years old in a hunting accident. Might not seem like that big of deal when here we are talking walkers, and braces and all sorts of stuff. But really as a child, as a teenage boy, as a college student, and even a young married guy...It is.

I hope that you take the time to consider this recommendation. Just like I hope you took the time to consider the one before this.

If you would like to read an excerpt from the book, and how it really truly personally affected me. click here I know I sound like a commercial. : )

To order you can click on the amazon link

Just a sidenote....This was not something I wanted. I wasnt the sweet encouraging wife I should have been during the writing process. I thought that this would be something that would sit on his shelf and maybe one day if someone walked into his office who had a child with spina bifida or something he might be able to pull it out and help them through it. I never dreamed in a million years that it would be published. I certainly never dreamed that it would have helped me in any way.

I was recently told by my best friend who lives hundreds of miles a way from me that a friend of hers was telling her about this book a friend of HERs was reading. (you see where this is going) The friend was going through a huge medical trial in which she was not expected to survive the upcoming heart surgery. (she has two children) She was telling this friend how Nate's book has helped her so much.She didnt even know there was a connection back to us. I say all that to say....THAT was my moment. It's not the check in the mail, or the signed books or any of that which truly make me proud of my husband. It's moments like that. When his words have not only changed my life but the life of a complete stranger.


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I believe that every child has an ability to gain a knowledge, no matter gifted he/she or not. Parents need to spent more time with children, and teach them, maybe given some examples from a real life, not even from books. Some years later I was really occupied, but that I realize that I lose all moments of my children's childhood. So I just give a lot of my writing works for, and I got more time for family. It's amazing being home.