Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blogs And Business

Just wanted to let everyone know...especially our new followers and readers. (Welcome, by the way) That the blog list on the side bar is for any one and everyone with a child who has spina bifida. So if you dont see your blog, (yours could have easily gotten misplaced or i might have mistyped it) please let me know. I want as many as will fit.

Also, If you have a product to sell (in which a portion of the proceeds goes to the spina bifida association) please let me know. Id love to try to give you a spot.

One more point of business. Keep the featured children coming. I love all the stories and they are incredibly encouraging. Your honesty is amazing!! Thank you to all you have already sent in.

Okay, well that's enough business for today. Have a wonderful weekend.


ps. on a personal note. ive put up a few more items in a portion of the profits from everything I sell does go to the spina bifida association. just wanted you to know to keep checking in. Ive got more ideas coming and am willing to work on personalized projects.


Jamie said...

Our blog for our family is

Amnada said...

Our family blog is

Dill Family said...

Please add us too:)

Condit Family said...

please add thanks!

Jen said...

please add
which is my journal of my son Owen's journey with spina bifida. He is 3.

thanks. love your sight. way to go!

Jen Potter

Adrienne, Scott, Hanna and Hayden Trigg said...

We would love to be added too. Our blog is Thanks for all you do!

The Mom said...

We would like to be added also