Thursday, February 18, 2010

Featured Child: Alex

I am the proud mom of twin boys, Alex and Nicholas. They are now 9 months old "officially" but because they were born three months early, everyone refers to them by their adjusted age of 6 months. We learned at our 18 week ultrasound that Alex had Spina Bifida. To be honest we were not even sure what that was and we were terrified of what it would mean for him and how we could do right by him as his parents. We spent the rest of our pregnancy learning all we could to try to be prepared. We had complications during the pregnancy and the boys had to be delivered very early (not related to SB). Alex was only one pound, 10 ounces. He had to have his back closure and shunt placed when he was so incredibly little. We were told many potential negative things by the "experts" during this time, especially when factoring in the prematurity but I have to tell you, Alex has already defied so many of their own expectations and "predictions".

He is such a happy, delightful baby and simply thriving. At 6 months, he is like any other baby. He is babbling non stop, putting everything in his mouth, rolling, working on sitting. You can see the wheels turning when he meets someone new or finds a new toy. He stares so intently as if he's just figuring everything out and then out of nowhere he rewards you with the biggest grin and giggle, it cracks us up every time. Our new favorite thing to watch is seeing Alex adore his brother. He looks for him wherever he is, reaches out to grab his hand when they are playing and "talks" to him when they are in their crib.

Life with the twins is certainly never dull. Especially because they were born so premature and both of them have many follow up appointments, nursing visits, therapy, etc. I quit my job as a social worker to be home with them and manage their "social" calendar. It is like any other parent has described it, the most challenging and yet the most rewarding job I'll ever have!



Momma Reekie said...

What a great story! I love that Alex and Nicholas are already so close.

Roman was nearly 10 lbs when he got his shunt and I just kept saying, "He's too small." I can not even IMAGINE having the closure and shunt at 1 pound. Way to go Alex, you little warrior!!

MoDLin said...

This is a great post - informative, encouraging, happy. Thanks for sharing your little guys with us and GO ALEX GO!