Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Always pushing ...Always Changing

Tonight my family went down to a nearby park to do some family shots. It was awesome because we were able to do our very first family picture standing!!!

Funny how there are things that you think wont happen and they just do...

Then we came home and I was going through the pictures when I came across this one I shot of Toby.

Its so profound to me. Can you figure out why?

Well for one he's using his arm crutches. And take a sneak peek to the background of the picture. His WALKER!!! I didnt purposely leave it there. Its just life with Spina Bifida. Things are always changing. Youre always pushing your child to the next thing. I thought the walker was the "IT" for us, but lo and behold it doesnt seem to be...arm crutches now are the "IT" and whoknows after that.

A friend of mine gave me a huge compliment today. She was talking about how Toby is lucky to have a mom like me. (it wasnt one of those gooey lalala pooey talks either) She was talking about my high strungness...my pushy self and my ability to push shove teach prod and try to get my children to do everything they are supposed to do. She said, what if you werent like that?? And i thought...Wow!! true!! I hated that I cared so much about my children doing such and such at such and such time, but it really isnt all that bad. Cause just like that little picture. We really are always pushing and things are always changing. As soon as you hit a goal youve got about 50 more staring you down...

Let's go...Let's tackle them and lets leave that last goal in the background!!


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Jill said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love that.