Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Role play with me dear....

Okay lets see...lets play a game..

Ill be the nice mommy..
<<"Hi sweet recetionist lady I need some answers to a few questions. Id be sooo thrilled if you could answer them or direct me to someone who could." didnt work.

Still be nice mommy but will call a few more people..
<<<"Hi nice lady. Ive been calling around to a few offices for some much needed medical supplies for my son. Could you by any chance help me?"


Waits a oouple of hours. Surely someone will check their voicemail and understand how important this is for my child.

Phone rings... Ruuuuun through the house. A friend on the other line.
Poor friend has to hear the story of your frustration with dr's offices. (sorry andrea) : )

Calls some more...
Leaves more voicemails..
First voicemail starts...
"I understand your busy...but...."
Second voicemail starts
"I need you to call as soon as possible please."
Third voicemail...Okay actually I get her paged at the hospital. STILL NOTHING.

By the end of today the last phone calls goes something like this.
"Hey. Listen. This is what he needs. This is when he needs it and I want it ordered now."

Does anyone else feel torn about being the nice lady that everyone likes at dr's offices and places or the lady whose a jerk but gets what she needs when she needs it?

There's got to be some kind of balance, but man am I having a hard time finding it!!!

I wanted to write about this especially in light of everything that is going on with poor Nicole and Annabelle. (check her blog if you are clueless to what im refering to) Its so hard to be your child's advocate. To be their voice. To keep a level head but also to kind of have a hard head.
We know what our children need. We know what we need. We sometimes just have to convince everyone else we know!!
You women are doing such a wonderful job. And a shout out to you Nicole!! You are doing great mama!! Keep it up!!


Colleen said...

Oh yeah, I have this problem allll the time, and it's almost always to do with Medicaid. I will bug the snot out of someone in my nicest voice with a smile on my face, but sometimes it gets to the point where they don't get Mrs. Nice Mommy anymore if this is going to go beyond just annoying me and will negatively affect my son. Don't cross a mama!

Gretchen said...

So hear you.... and after 10+ years my approach goes something like this...

"I am first and foremost the primary care giver and biggest advocate for my child. As long we are square on this one point everything will go well. Now do you want me to talk to you in my kind day voice or my get it done voice"

Some people laugh at me, but most get the point. I am a nice person. I am a kind and compassionate person. But I am also a Mama Bear, adn I will do whatever it takes to get what my child needs... NOW. Thankyouverymuch!