Saturday, August 7, 2010

Funny with a dose of Frustration

Oh my gosh...we are out of KY Jelly. I jumped in the car and went to the nearest store to my house which happened to be Kroger. I headed back to the Pharmacy and searched everywhere. I couldn't find it...except the stuff that tingles and gives you all kinds of interesting results. I went to the counter and asked the Pharmacist if they carried it. He lead me to the "adult" play KY. I started laughing! I told him I don't think my 6 year old would enjoy being "catheted" with the tingly stuff! The gentlemen looked at me and turned bright red....after he got over his embarrassment I had my KY!

Oh my gosh....the last 60 cc syringe just stopped working! My husband was supposed to last until we got more at the doctors office next week. Well, it is broken and won't work. What to do? Hey... lets stop by the Northside Pharmacy on the way to the pool and pick up one. That sounded so simply! I learned it is not so simple. I took my broken one with me. I explained that it was Saturday and I had an appointment with our Urologist on Tuesday. I plead my case for them to sell me one. I told them all about a MACE and that I had to flush my daughter daily. I even offered to get her out of the car and show them her bully button! I finally was able to buy one.....why would they not want too?

Well, there are people who do bad things with them come to find out. WOW! I had no idea!

So, the solution to our problem is now UroMed. We finally got it all straightened out. Our cath supplies will arrive in the mail via...UPS. No more running out of anything. But, this took a lot of effort. NO ONE completely filled us in on this at the doctors office. I had to make a billion phone calls this week and fight with insurance just to get the right supplies.

Here is my frustration....sometimes I think the doctors assume we know how to navigate all the medical supplies and services ourselves. It sure would be nice to have the information written down and handed to me. I wonder how many other parents have to learn by trial and error like I have had to learn and I am very savvy at finding answers. Sometimes it would be nice to not have to re-invent the wheel!

A side note....Madilyn started first grade on Monday. She loves it... She came home with a 102.5 temp on Thursday. She had drainage coming from her stuff and STREP THROAT! Ugh... Gotta love school!

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