Monday, August 23, 2010

Latex allergy

I'm not sure how many of you deal with the latex allergy. When Esther-Faith was less than a day old, she was given the "latex precaution," but because her daddy is allergic to (it seems like) just about everything under the sun--including all nuts and their cross reactions--we were advised to treat it like an actual allergy.

So we did.

We researched the allergy and all of its cross reactions. EVERY time she is introduced into a new environment, we present the caretakers with a 10-page list of what she is allergic/cross-allergic to, what the reaction might look like (anaphylactic, hives, etc...), and what the caretaker should do should she have the allergic reaction (I'm happy to share this list... just send me an email).

After time, we realized that she DID actually have the latex (and cross reaction) allergy. She has never eaten a banana. She has never had melon. Or peanut butter. Or lots of other foods. Over time, we realized that cooking some foods changes the protein structure of those foods. So, while she can't have raw apples, she eats a BOATLOAD of applesauce.

Her preschool teacher--with Esther-Faith's help--created a laminated card that Esther-Faith carries with her to help her remember her allergies. But sometimes, Esther-Faith purposefully confuses what she is allergic to with what she actually does or doesn't want to eat...

For lunch on Saturday, the boys were having tomato sandwiches and cucumbers from the garden. Esther-Faith can't have fresh tomatoes...

Me: "Do you want broccoli or sliced cucumbers for lunch?"

Esther-Faith: "I can't have cucumbers."

Me: (getting the list off the refrigerator and handing it to her) "You can have cucumbers, they're not on the list."

Esther-Faith: "I don't want cucumbers."

Me: "So, would you like broccoli or sliced cucumbers for lunch?"

Esther-Faith: "Broccoli."

Me: (walking back to the kitchen) "Okay."

Esther-Faith: (setting Isaiah's cucumber on her allergy list) "Cucumbers are on the list now."


(from the HennHouse)


The Forest Minstrel said...

hahahaaa! Oh, my, you have your hands full, Mama! :) What an inventive little doll!

HennHouse said...

Yeah. She's kind of a spitfire. But it's so much fun, too!

Sandy said...

I have a ton of allergies myself. (nuts,peanuts,wheat,celery,chicken,pork,eggs,lettuce,tomatoes,corn,cabbage,potatoes,mushrooms,milk and sesame seeds) The reason she can eat apple sauce but not apples- my allergist told me to cook all the vegetables I am allergic to,well. He said that you can cook the allergens out of the vegetables. probably the same for fruits.