Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All hail Caesar!

Hi everyone!
My name is Karen. I am a first time mom of the cutest 2 (I'm in denial he's almost 3) month old named Carson. As you've probably suspected Carson has spina bifida. My post today is mainly for those of you still pregnant. I remember pregnancy all too well -- I was sick the entire 9 months -- I don't think i can forget being pregnant with Carson based upon that alone, but his diagnosis at my 32 week u/s makes its even more memorable. I remember the fear, and the hurt, and the absolute pain that you feel, the heartbreak, knowing and unfortunately having to wait for your precious little one to arrive. I was so thankful that I found out at 32 weeks- I only had 8 weeks, as opposed to many who have 20. Now Carson is here and I want to post about the things that just terrified ( I am a huge worry wart) me when I was pregnant. I've learned I really had NOTHING to worry about.
First up- let's talk about the c-section. Oh my gracious--- I have (well had) never had surgery in my life. Never even been in a hospital other than visiting, kind of like monopoly there is the jail (hospital) well I always just had to visit; never did I hit the go directly there part. At the beginning of my pregnancy I wanted a c-section, I thought, hey, no labor. Then, thanks to reality television I watched a few c-sections and oh boy, did I change my mind. Then I had to choose to have a c-section. Funny, how that works isn't it? So I did what all good moms do... I studied c-sections--- bad idea. I went in the day of, literally shaking and crying. Well that didn't stop the nursing team-- they got right to business, I guess now that's why they call it scheduled.
--- Here's your belongings bag and gown-- you know what to do
--- Cath and Iv.
--- Meet the 10 or more people that will be working on you, including students... scary thought, great people though.
--- Wheel away.. down the hall to a room full of people. I am shy so i was quite embarrassed by all the people present :) They didn't seem to care.
--- Sit on the edge of your bed.. get the epidural. Not bad at all.
--- feeling test... very very weird, I could see them moving my legs in a mirror overhead but could not feel a thing.
--- Bob (my wonderful husband) came in and sat next to my head I remember him asking me, "How's it going? and if they had started" I answered, "Good, they are prepping me." Then the anesthesiologist chimed in, "They've started" Honestly I had no idea. Within a minute of that I heard them talking about him (Carson). He was here.
It was over--- quicker than I ever imagined, and so so much easier than I thought.
--- next was the recovery room.
Carson had to be transferred to the children's hosp. immediately. His cyst, which was extremely large, and much larger than usual, ruptured during the section. They did bring him to me before he was transferred. Wonderful, wonderful moment.
--- They put me in a private suite at the hospital for my 3 day recovery stay.
All in all the c-section really was nothing to worry about.. I've had worse in dentist visits. :)
Next week we'll talk about the NICU.
Love you guys!!!

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