Monday, January 25, 2010

Jack Eherenman

A man by the name of Jack Eherenman contacted me the other day on facebook. What he wrote was such an encouragement to me that I asked his permission to put it up on the blog. He was full of such insight and inspiration. He is doing his part in the wonderful world of special needs children. I hope that this encourages your heart today. Take the time to watch the video at the bottom of the screen if you can.

We have four boys, three of which have a different disability, and
also different strengths and weaknesses. One who has Spina Bifida about
the same level as Toby's. The best thing to do is enjoy all the
progress each child makes and when they make it. The blessing for you
is you are involved, now more than you m...ay have ever been, in the
importance of each milestone and the effort they put into making it
happen. You and they will have many trials along the way but the joy in
watching them overcome many obstacles is the silver lining many people
do not have in their lives. Toby has a disability, but don't let that
define him as a person. He already has many strengths he is showing you
in his abilities to overcome some of the obstacles. Also don't let his
disability define you as a family. Try to think what would the other
kids be doing if they didn't have a brother with a disability that does
take up some extra time and attention because of the need for it.Then just do the best you can to give what you can to them also. It is time consuming but with the both of you splitting some time for it, it does help. Try to encourage Toby to do as many things, with adapting as needed. And don't forget that you will need to make arrangements for somone to come watch the kids so you and your husband ... See morecan still have a night out for the two of you. It is hard, but not impossible. Just look for opportunities to make your lives as "normal"as possible. Be thankful for the gift of all your children, which I can tell you are. They are showing you all the blessings God has given each one.I've had many mothers and fathers who didn't want to let their child come to my sports camp, and when they let them, the kids blossomed, went home better prepared for their daily living skills, improved in almost everything they were doing, had a new outlook on what they wanted to do, and ready to come back next year. There is a time for ... See morecrying, which we all do, but there are so many more joys you will have along the way as Toby and all you kids grow together. You already have the best foundation on which to help you along the way, and that is your faith in God. Why were you chosen to raise Toby. Why not, He has faith in you. I hope this helps.

check out a video about him on facebook

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Susan M. Nelson said...

Thank you for sharing this personal note. It has so many great quotes in there I need to add to my refrigerator door.