Thursday, January 28, 2010

Transitions from Cribs to Bed

I know a lot of people end up purchasing a toddler bed for their children once they outgrow the crib because of how low they are. Therefore easy to get in and out of. Well, I saw on the baby center support group what one mom wrote about how she transition her little guy to a twin bed. I thought it was great information for those who dont want to shell out extra money for a toddler bed.

We transitioned to a twin size bed when Brock was about 2 but we needed the crib for a new baby then. We bought the twin bed because we wouldn't have been able to use the crib mattress anyway for a toddler bed.

We found a bed frame that could adjusted to sit really close to the floor and the guy at the mattress store suggested we get half size box spring. We also got a bed rail. I think the bed sits about 1 foot off this floor. It is really easy of him to get in out of. He has even fallen out of it a few times at night and didn't even wake up.

Kellie aka Brock's mommy

Also, I recently read that someone purchased a daybed and just turned it around the opposite way. That way the child had a bed to themselves but couldnt fall out. I thought that was a good idea. There are really so many choices now with all the low beds that have been produced as of recent.

Good luck and happy big boy/girl bed shopping

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Joanna and David said...

Just found this blog - we're following now. :) My son Jet has SB and we have a blog as well ( We are already friends with many of the blog followers on the right and I'm glad to meet more! So is this like a group blog? Do multiple people write on it? I think it's a great resource and wonderful idea. Thanks!