Friday, January 29, 2010

Featured Child: Roman

Roman's Story

I believe that everyone has memorable NICU experiences when it comes down to it. The ones that make you smile at the thought and the ones that make you teary.

A NICU Easter Miracle

"My most memorable and great nicu experience happened on Easter Sunday. Roman had his second back closure surgery the night before. They removed the cath that morning and we were waiting for him to pee on his own. We waited, and waited and...waited.

My family arrived and while Roman was catching up on his sleep we decided to have Easter dinner at a restaurant across the street. I had such a horrible feeling that when we walked back in the nurses were going to tell me he still hadn't peed and that I would need to learn how to cath him. In fact, I was scared to even open the doors. But, when we went back in the nurse said, "he peed and he peed a LOT!" After 8 hours, he peed. My son peed. We're at 9 months, two weeks and 5 days with no cath. Who would have thought a little urine would be my Easter Miracle?"

I believe in being honest. Honest consists of sharing joys and sorrows.

Sometimes It's just plain Scary

"Our scariest time in the NICU was the very first time I met my son. I gave birth via c-section, so all I could do was listen to him cry. From across the room they showed me his face, they showed me his back and they left. I didn't get a kiss, I didn't get to touch him. All I had was that cry. Four hours later I got to meet him. When I was rolled into the nicu he was wrapped in plastic, and sleeping on his belly. He was all alone under a heating lamp and I was too afraid to touch him.
Babies should be born, and then hugged and held and rocked. Not whisked away to a table, alone. I guess the nurse saw how scared I was. She asked me if I would like to hold him. I guess she also saw my face ask "how?" because she immediately gave me strict instructions. That was the scariest day, but when he looked at me, and I could feel him breathing on me, it quickly became the best day of my life. "

These Kids are Kids

I wanted to ask just normal kid questions. The ones that dont have ANYTHING to do with SB.

"Roman's favorite food is, weirdly, prunes. I can't help but to laugh when he flashes me that big purple grin."

"I can't honestly think of many things that melt my heart more than....prunes, and urine, and crying."


Joanna and David said...

Such a sweet picture and great insight into the things we find joy in. :) Roman is gorgeous!

Yes Kari I would love Jet's blog to be added to the blog list and I'd love to write anything you'd like contributed :) This is a great way to meet families and connect with others whose lives are so much like our own. Thank you!

Bridget Reed Photography said...

This made me teary eyed.

Roman has always been such a strong little boy. We love you guys.