Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sitting Up

I remember a time when I was convinced we would never see the day when Toby would sit up AND balance.

Problem - Your child is learning to sit up. ALMOST THERE. But doesn't quite have the balance down and certainly can not concentrate on playing and balancing at the same time.

Solution - We bought a "The First Years" booster seat from Target. It folds easily and comes with a swin around tray. We would just load that thing up and sit it on the ground. It was great for Toby to be able to sit and help teach him balance but still give him a chance to play with all of his toys. It also helped with fine motor skills because he didnt have to work so hard at the other.
In the beginning we would shove blankets all around him to help stablize his hips till he got a little stronger.

Do you have any tried and true tips that worked great for you and your child? Please share so I can add them in!!

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