Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

I was just playing some catch-up on others recent posts, and I am in awe of how big of a community we have developed into---- WOW!!! This is fantastic!!!  Many of you are also new members. I want to personally welcome you and also apologize for not doing this sooner. As Karin mentioned (and it is so true) we are a community that is so important and so amazing. It is such a personal blessing and encouragement knowing that others are just like me and that others understand and care what having a child with Spina Bifida means. Thank you!!

This past week--- I was shocked with the news that I am expecting again. This will be my first pregnancy following Carson. As I'm sure you can imagine I am very excited but very terrified at the same time. The questions are too many to really put into words. However, I know that the Lord gave us this next child just as he gave us our first and He will continue to be with us.

It has always been my goal as a guest blogger on this site to be an encouragement. To be a help and that is my goal still. I will continue to update on any information I learn through our journey with Carson and I will update as I learn new things about this pregnancy.

Of course, we have all been given information regarding our need for extra intake of folic acid. You need 4,000 mcg or 4 mg. I learned this week that there is a special prenatal vitamin for high- risk pregnancies and folic acid absorption issues. It is called Neevo.

Carson is doing really well. This last week we did a few activities that spina bifida and bracing has previously hindered us from doing and it was a wonderful experience. Swimming and Bike -riding. Of course there are still some slight modifications needed but nothing that a little imagination can't overcome. I encourage you seek out the activities that your child might  be unable to do and try try try to make it possible, even for just a moment. You and your child both need it.

Lots of love to you all,

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