Wednesday, September 29, 2010

watch out

I try really hard not to be negative on here. Really really try. But this to me is too important to not share some negative information.

It has recently come to my attention in a "in your face" type of way that not everyone in the medical community is in it for the children. I know shocking right!? I'm sure some of you have already more than realized this unfortuantly.

Fortuantly there are people who really are in it for our kids. Who will fight and work hard to get our kids living the most amazing life they can live and doing the most they can possibly do.

However, there are those who just get by and dont want their schedules interrupted by your phone calls.

I have been treated in such a way that we would be considered burdensome to our medical supplies company. In then watched as they treated a therapist with utmost respect and changed something that they told me could absolutely not be changed. I asked Toby PT about this. She said medical suppliers get money from dr.s and therapists. They are more willing to bend over backwards because they supply them the patients. We however are just almost like the go between that they have to deal with. We dont give them more money or less. (since we dont have a say)
I about jumped out of my chair!!! So this man, who should have been working to make sure Toby's arm crutches fit perfectly didnt care to adjust them for me even though I kept saying that didnt fit. I gave up assuming nothing could be done. Then my therapist informs me that he is going to readjust them after she made a phone call. So basically Toby went how long without arm crutches that fit because we werent IMPORTANT!! Crazy!!
Same goes for potty supplies. One supplier wouldnt even talk to me about pads for Toby, wouldnt even give me a name of a product. Another one sent me 50 free samples and told me she would help with all the approvals if we liked them. Amazing the difference!!
So here's my point. Everything has a point. : ) Its hard to not turn into a synical person when dealing with these type things but we do need to turn into a carful parent. Does that make sense? When in doubt find someone else, talk to someone else. Find one person who will fight for your child and use them as much as you can!! Pick their brain as much as possible to find out what is possible. Maybe you think something is "normal" but really made its not. Maybe there is something or someone much better out there. Someway better of doing things. as i have said before and will continuing saying. Dont be afraid to ask, push and otherwise be annoying for the sake of your child.

Sometimes nice mommy just cant come out in play. : )


Colleen said...

I totally agree. It is hard to be careful and always on guard without becoming cynical, and sometimes our job is to be as politely annoying as possible! Crazy life!

Dill Family said...

Uggggggghhhhhh! I have this issue with our O2 company. They keep screwing up the billing and sending us to collections for money we don't even owe... everyone else can bill correctly, why not them? And the helpline, we won't even go there... the help based out of India is NO HELP AT ALL. Time to go O2 company shopping I guess:)