Monday, September 6, 2010

Team Eli

Hello and Good day everyone!!!

I have some marvelous news for you today.


First I'm sure youd like to know what it is.

Its a shirt!! (Well this is a picture of the back of the shirt) And its not just any shirt!! Its a team E.L.I. shirt. What you ask is a Team E.L.I. shirt?
Jodie, Eli's mommy contacted me last week regarding an amazing project she is working on. Of course along with projects comes fundraising. Jodie's baby Eli passed away on August 8 of last year. He had spina bifida.
E.L.I. stand for Every Life Inspires.
The money raised for these shirts is going to an incredible center that Jodie is raising money for. Click here to view the complete story. I'm certainly not doing it justice.
Anyway to get the word out about this amazing project, this incredibly mommy and this adorable shirts. Jodie has offered to do a giveaway!!

So how do you enter?
First link this giveaway somewhere in the worldwide web!! Either email some friends, post it on Facebook or post it on your blog. Remember this is a great project with a great cause!! Then leave us a comment with your email address and how you linked this giveaway!!

And remember if you dont win We'd love for you to purchase one!!


smyers5 said...

So touched by this story! I linked up on facebook!!

monicaandrew said...

Posted it on facebook.

Mom of The Fields Five said...

I did post on facebook....I am also trying to link it to my blog...something is either wrong with the button on the site or my blog...I will keep trying.

ShellyLynn said...


Mom of The Fields Five said...

I finally got your button to work and placed your button on my blog!

Dill Family said...

Glad to see you're linked up with the rest of the group! I need to get one of the shirts still!:)

Dill Family said...

oh, we are sharing and linked on fb too

Gayle said...

I shared on Facebook and emailed to friends. I absolutely adore the McGinley family.

Gayle Purifoy Carrington

Hantla said...


tmc0067 said...

I posted on Facebook. What a courageous family the McGinley's are!!

Scasmflops said...

So touched by this story. My best friend lost a son named Eli at birth 6 six years ago, he was born with a diaphragmatic hernia. I posted this on facebook and intend to follow this family more closely. What an encouragement.