Friday, February 11, 2011

A Brag Moment for the Thomas Family!

One of our very own families here on Spina Bifida Kids was featured in the New York Times this week in an article on the SB in-utero surgery! (which if you all haven't noticed by now, has been largely in the news all week!) (I hope they don't mind me passing this along!)

New York times interviewed Jared, Jessica, Chloe, and their toddler son, Tyson (L5-S2). I want to strongly encourage you to check out their interview! And if you get a chance, they have one AMAZINGLY detailed journey on Tyson's in-utero surgery, successful birth, and today's journey with him on their blogs. This family has done an incredible outreach to others having been diagnosed with SB babies as well.

You can read the interview here:

Their Blogs:

Congrats Thomas Family on a huge success, for both Tyson and for advocating for all SB families everywhere :)


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Angela said...

I saw the report. That's awesome for Tommy. I wish him the best in the future.