Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take THAT, Spina Bifida!

I can't even keep up with all these kiddos who are telling Spina Bifida to shove it this week! Here are just a few:

Lysette about Lyla:
"I kinda feel bad for saying this, but I sure didn't think Id be chasing my kid around and removing everything from her path!!! But I tell you what... put Lyla on a nice open floor and she's on the go! And terrorizing everything in her path! :) I couldnt be happier! Take that spina bifida!"

And Tawny about Joshua:
"At a week shy of 8 months old my son rolled over for the first time today.... all by himself! What a beautiful thing that we all take for granted...something so simple as witnessing a baby roll over. Take that Spina Bifida!"

Guess what--Gavin started walking this week!!!! Check out the video and Heather's inspiring blog post. (This may be a SB mom blog you aren't following yet!)
Ramblings of a Mother of 3

Guess who else is walking--Mia!!!!!! And she's talking too, which means she's simultaneously kicking Spina Bifida butt and apraxia butt! This kid is a super hero!
Video of Mia walkin and talkin

In case you missed it, our friends Nicole and Annabelle gave SB a double punch this week with this blog post. Baby girl is strutting in her walker, and Mama ain't playin around with SB ruling their life anymore! Pow!
You Won't Win!!!

And lastly, little Kingsley is proving to SB and everyone else that even surgery can't keep a little hero down. This kid is a rockstar.
Kingsley out of surgery

I'm liking this! It feels good to have all this butt kicking in one place, right? So here's the deal. I know there's no way I'm going to catch all these success stories--large and small--every week. If you have a "Take THAT, Spina Bifida" moment to share, send me a facebook message! (Not my friend? Add me! Colleen Payne--the one that has 80 mutual friends with you.) Also, I started out asking permission before posting these, and then I realized I would never get anything posted if I kept doing that. So I'm going to assume that if you are posting something on your blog or facebook or babycenter, it's because you want to share how awesome your kid is with the rest of the world, and you won't mind if I post it here. Right? If you do mind, let me know.

Here's to another week of beating the crap out of Spina Bifida! Let's do it!


Joanna said...

Great idea! I'm loving this segment of The Journey! :)

Jill said...

LOL! I missed this! Take THAT! :) Love it.

Leah Burnett said...

Take that Spina Bifida makes me uncomfortable. I don't want my son fighting his disability. And beating the crap out of Spina Bifida makes me cringe privately inside.