Saturday, February 12, 2011

Madilyn's Recovery

My emotions still get the best of me when I talk about the experiences that we have had with Madilyn over the past three weeks. I wanted to share a few photos....they tell her story better than I can right now.Her sweet smile before surgery with they help of some loopy medicine! Going into surgery to release her tethered cord....(She has done this 3 times before!)

48 hours after surgery....

5 days post-op... things were pretty rough...PT got her up for the first time... difficult day...she lost her ability to walk....

A few days after we had been in the Rehab Unit!

It was a good day.... she was being discharged!

Madilyn graduated from the CIRU after 7 days. We were told to expect a 21 day stay. It was amazing to see her work so hard. She has regained the feeling on the bottom of her left foot and that has helped with her balance issues. She has begun to have "tingles" in her right leg. We are hopeful she will feel parts of it again. We are already working with PT and OT at the out-patient rehab center. We have our home assignments to work on when we are not there. Everyday she gets stronger and stronger. Her return to school this week was not successful. She had to go back to the doctor yesterday....I about fell over when they said STREP and a bladder infection!

We are so grateful for all the prayers that were offered in her behalf. We believe she is where she is today because of those prayers. We wish each of you a wonderful week full of HOPE!

Until next week,
Jill aka....Madilyn's Mom


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how strong our children are?
I know I have learned so much from my Maylee and Sam David.
You sure do have a beautiful daughter!

Angela said...

She looks so happy to be discharged! Strep and a bladder infection right when she's about to return to school. That's crazy. I hope she feels better soon. :)