Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who wants to be a star

So, We've gained some publicity over here at Spina Bifida Kids. We've rocked some worlds with our awesome shirts. We've shed some tears with our posts. We've punched some air with our fists when we read about a child doing amazing. And of course we've REDEFINED!!

So now, who wants to be the star of this show???!!

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about the header picture.

Of course we all love the star of the show right now. Jet! He's totally hot : )

But I'm thinking lets have some fun. Lets do some rotation. Submit your picture for the Spina Bifida Kids header and it might just end up right there for everyone to see!! Id like to pick the top 3 pictures and have them rotate.

It can be whatever means something to you. Shoes, braces, a smile, standing, sitting, rolling, You choose and let me know why.

I'm pretty sure this smokin hot guy could give you a run for your money!! : )



Joanna said...

lol. Jet's feet ARE pretty hot. But I agree! How fun to rotate! And a little healthy competition - woo-hoo! Let me know if you want me to help! (As I won't be submitting this son being the current star and all. ;) lol).

Colleen said...

Great idea!

Kari said...

joanna you better be submitting!!! and ummm yes did i mention i need your help

Tiffany said...

Great idea Kari!!

Summers Family said...

This will be fun! I sure do love this site. Thanks Kari for all that you do :-)

Scasmflops said...

Shoo-wee Thats some tough competetition. :) What a cute idea. :)