Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey EVERYONE!! I just like to say, WOW!! 41 Followers now and weve just been getting started. Thanks to everyone for reading.

As a special thank you Id like to give away ANYTHING FROM MY STORE!!! Yes, you heard me right ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING THAT YOU SEE ON THE SITE.

So here's how you enter...

First head over to URBANUPCYLCING and pick on the product that you would like to win

Secondly leave a comment with what you picked out

I'll pick the winner by next Monday. So not a lot of days to get your comment in!!

Thanks so much for all that you do!! It is so encouraging to know there are so many moms going through this same journey!!

As a sidenote....Please make sure you add the button for the blog on your sidebar.

If google starts putting a limit on the blogs I can list I'll start cutting them down by who has a button and who doesnt. I think that's pretty fair? I am hoping they wont put a limit on it, but I know its getting pretty long.

thanks again everyone.


Heather Weir said...

I'd like the Personalized Spina Bifida awareness necklace I'd put my baby's name on it Charlotte.


Joanna and David said...

Wow! So nice of you! I'd love the ubran braclet in blue with my son's name - Jet - on it. :) Love the "brave" too! So appropriate for these brave little troupers. I'd love to have "brave" on the top and "Jet" on the bottom but I'm not sure that would work. :) Neat idea with your jewelry. I love it!

Scasmflops said...

:) i would like a blue bracelet with Carson's name on it. Love your stuff!

Miranda said...

Personalized Spina Bifida Awareness Necklace with my daughter Trinity's name on it. Your blog is a great thing and all the post help in so many ways! Thanks to everyone that takes there time to post on here!

Dill Family said...

Fun!!!! I like the BRAVE bracelet, with Jonathans name on it! Yay for 40+ strong!!