Saturday, March 6, 2010

Featured Child: Grey

September 24, 2008. This is the day that changed our lives forever, the day that we were told that we were having a son. I remember it all so clearly, as the ultrasound technician told us that it was a boy tears of joy streamed down my face. Only minutes later, those tears of joy turned into tears of hurt, sorrow, and fear.

The first few weeks after we were told that our son had spina bifida were quite possibly the worst of our lives. We were told that our son may never walk, that he would have bowel and bladder problems, and that he may have brain damage. We did as much research as we could, and slowly we came to realize that spina bifida was not a death sentence. People living with spina bifida lead very normal, fulfilling, happy lives. They have jobs, get married, have kids. I started to get in contact with adults living with spina bifida and with parents of children who have spina bifida. The conversations that I had with those "strangers" helped to calm my fears and ease my pain. As with most everything, time heals. The hurt and sorrow left us and in it's place were joy, excitement, and love.

Today, as Greyson approaches one, he is rolling, sitting, and army crawling all over. He is working so hard at standing and loves to be in his stander. He has a smile for anyone who glances his way and if your lucky, you can even get a kiss and a hug. He is the happiest little guy around. I can now look back on September 24, 2008 and smile. Smile because that is the first glimpse that I had of my son. The first time that I got to see his little face, hands, and feet (even if it was on an ultrasound screen). My life is no longer clouded with fear and sadness, but is filled with an overwhelming sense of love and peace. God has given my husband and I the most precious gift. He has given us our Greyson.

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