Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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I frequently see this question, "What do I get at my shower now?" or "What will I need for my baby now that I found out about spina bifida?" I remember pondering these very things while I was pregnant. I remember being just so worried and so overwhelmed while I was waiting for Carson to arrive. Well... he's here and through these last 4 months I have learned that I had no reason to over- worry about all the preparations. Honestly... There is not a difference. :) You are going to need all the same things that you would if your baby was born without spina bifida. Crib, stroller, swing, carseat, clothes, BURP RAGS (bold because I don't believe you can have too many), baby Bjorn, BOPPY!!!, Bumbo seat, toys, bottles, PACIFIERS, etc. Everything baby! You may be using things a little differently at first but you will be so grateful that you didn't go out and make-over your registry.

If your baby has "not on back" restrictions, then they will get alot of tummy time. :) During a diaper change you have to put the diaper on backwards. LOL I remember when Carson was able to be changed "normal" my husband still tried to place the diaper upside down.
Let me also give you some tips from my experience.
*Clothes: Don't get snaps in the front for the beginning, and get loose fitting clothes.
*If your baby has clubbed feet you will want cloth shoes- they flex to fit the foot.
* Bath: Get a lounger not a tub.
* Boppy--- your new best friend!!I have 2- one at home, and the other in the car for wherever I go- church or a friend's house.
* Pacifier- I learned this at the hospital and love it! Use soothie pacifiers, and cut the tips off so that it is rectangular not round. This works wonders when they have to sleep on tummy or side.

It is very important to do all the usual and fun planning before your baby comes--- do not, I repeat do not skimp on any of the experiences of having a baby.

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