Thursday, March 18, 2010

Clinic Day MUST haves

Id like this to be a reader centered post.

Please comment on the items you absolutely MUST have for going to Clinic. Babies, Toddlers and even older kids. Ill add to the post from the commments!!

Here's a couple of mine to get your mind going

1. change for the vending machine!! (i know goes against my last post, but you do what you got to do sometimes)

2. a jacket or sweater that doesnt wrinkle (throw it in the bag and just take it out when its too cold in one of the rooms)

Okay ladies, so give me some more ideas.


matt said...

Seriously, don't be too embarrassed to PACK HEAVY. Last clinic, we took a laptop with DVD's - snacks, books, toys - go ahead and ignore the "no food and drink" signs. NO ONE expects you to sit in a room for 6 hours without snacks. The wife went out and got us lattes at one point.

The whole experience was MUCH better than the time before when all we had was a sippy cup and some snacks for the wee one.

Heather said...

Snacks and toys.

The Forest Minstrel said...

mp3/IPod for both adults and kids. Sometimes, music soothes the nervous soul.

ShellyLynn said...

Portable DVD player would be invaluable at clinic! We are totally going to invest in one soon. Otherwise we bring lots of books, toys, snacks, etc. Plus her blankie.

HennHouse said...

Snacks, books, iPod, money for the parking garage, printed summary for the doctors (take multiple copies; we ALWAYS get comments about our summaries), list of concerns/questions/things you want addressed, cell phone.

We just had clinic... wrote about it at