Saturday, March 20, 2010


Oh Boy!!! Carson is napping.. so I here I go flying through a post!! In advance I am asking for your forgiveness regarding any errors in grammar, or spelling. I just wanted to talk some more about Carson's therapy program. I wanted to tell you that I have already seen some improvement- so when a dr. or a therapist looks at you and says, "it probably won't work"- laugh at them, a big huge belly laugh. You can also envision yourself spitting at them in the face ( I did this the other day, and it felt so good) lol!!! :)
I have been wiggling Carson's legs at various times throughout the day, as play. It has turned the diaper change from a screaming fit into a more manageable and sometimes smiling adventure. And, the best part last night we had a birthday party to attend which got us home past Carson's bedtime. Well, he was asleep in his carseat. I didn't want a meltdown ... so I said let's lay him down and I'll change him the old-fashioned (on his tummy) way, and maybe he'll stay asleep. He woke up. :) I'm so g;ad he did though.. he wiggled and wiggled and so did his legs!!!!!

It works!!! and God is so very good!!!!

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Becky said...

Gosh, you know that is so true! My little Christopher is doing so much more than what any Doctor told me he could ever do. I am just so glad that they are built with so much strength and motivation to grow as strong as they can and work as hard as they can to prove these People wrong. I am so very grateful for Our PT who is determined to see him walk! And he will one day!