Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking Care of You

I think its important to look nice, for ourselves, our husbands and our children. We send a message to everyone we come in contact with when we look like we are taking care of. Unfortuantly you are treated differently too. I purposeful dress nice and try and look as professional as possible when I take Toby to SB Clinic appointments. I want to be taken seriously and want to be listened to but I know (just like all you know) that you have to earn the respect of these doctors.

So just wanted to share a couple of my tried but true little beauty secrets. These are not original of me. They come from all sorts of places, "Real Simple Magazine" 101 Best Kept Beauty Secrets and of course the internet!!!

So dig through your drawers for something without a stain and try this out:

Have a nice pink blemish on your face?? Lovely right? Makes you seem as grown up as about a 16 year old? Try this: Take some eye redness reliever drops put a few drops on a cotton ball and hold in to the blemish for about 15 seconds. The same medication in the drops that takes out red in eyes will help diminish the pink. Pretty awesome right?

An incredibly long night? Up late with feedings or laundry? Go buy some super cheap wet and wild white eyeliner. Put just a small amount on the inside corners of your eyes and blend. INSTANT wakeup. (a cup of coffee might help too)

So that's it for now! I hope you are inspired.

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