Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ohhhh so sorry!!!

Hi!!! I am so so sorry. I did not get my post in yesterday. I have been sick :( I am feeling better, and do apologize. I do however, now have something which to write about. Maybe the Lord planned it out all along so that I could tell you about our first in-home therapy visit. It was wonderful, and I am so excited after just finishing up with that. After we received our assessment, I was discouraged. It seemed that EI (Early intervention) was going o be working on Carson's upper body and mental development, while ignoring his lower body and the concerns that we have there. I was wrong, YAY!!!!. No, I am not usually excited when I am wrong, but, I am this time. Abigail (our teacher) showed me some wonderful things that I can start doing to work on re-routing the nerves in Carson's legs. She believes that because Carson's body is still so busy at developing that now is the time to work work work on the legs. I'd like to share with you some of the ideas that were given to me.

The first idea she gave was to use an ice pack- Place the ice pack on his feet while doing the stretching exercises. This will help in developing sensation. Also be very vocal while doing each step. Teach with your actions and with your mouth. Constantly give verbal cues "I'm lifting your leg", "I'm rubbing your feet", "That ice feels cold on your feet". This will work with developing brain connections as well.

Carson does not have movement in his legs, and I have a tendency to leave his legs loose. I hold him at his bottom. She said to prop my arm underneath his bottom while I am carrying him over my shoulder (the burping position), causing his knees to bend. This stretches out the muscles. Abigail said to keep his knees bent as much as possible, and to keep his legs together rather than loosely sprawled.

I am going to take some pictures this week, and share with you soon some of the exercises that we are going to be working on. YAY!!!! We're getting started!!!!

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Charity Frazier said...

I am so excited to hear that the therapy is going to hellp with his legs!!! yeah!!! We love you all and pray for you every day! (oh, by the way, this is Charity, Carson's Auntie!) :)