Monday, January 17, 2011

Its that time again

It's that time again!!!
Spreading the awareness!!!
I hope you've gotten your awareness products!!!

As I start the beginning stages of the shirt order I wanted to share with you where the "catch phrase" came from.
Redefining Spina Bifida has been seen on blogs, facebooks and maybe even overheard in conversations.
As we were trying to come up with shirt ideas, I was sitting talking to my husband about the message of these shirts. What was the point. What I wanted to say. What I felt we all wanted to say.
I pictured in my head a dictionary page with the words spina bifida and of course the usual definition. Then I pictured a big huge red X written over that definition and the words that you now find on the back of the shirts written out.

I am touched as I pop on facebook or check blogs and see people linking up or posting. Amazing!! I really believe that we can change the definition of Spina Bifida. Maybe not the ones in the medical books. Maybe they will always say cant, defect, disabled. But the definition that lives in people's minds.
Maybe those are the definitions we will change.
Can, Able, Beautiful, Hope, Faith
Maybe those are the ones that really count.
I believe our stories are important, I believe that blogging, facebook, shirts, tote bags and all those kind of things really are important. That this is all part of our life, our process, our amazing life and part of our responsibility to help change the way people view spina bifida.

So what would you change? What words would you use? What has your child done recently that has helped redefine spina bifida?

I'll get us started.. I look at Toby and I see STRENGTH. Toby is walking with arm crutches when we were told just a little over 1 1/2 years ago that he wouldnt be able to walk at all.
Thats how we are redefining spina bifida!!


ps if you have no idea what im talking about with the shirts, tote bags and stuff. pop on over to to find out!!! Remember you only have till February 1!!


Colleen said...

I love the catch phrase. It is brilliant and perfect.
My word for Nate has always been HOPE. Recently, he has begun to jump. In the middle of the floor, without holding onto anything, and he gets air. Awesome.

Nicole said...

I love how you added the word "defy" to the silhouette painting of Katelyn... that describes her to a "T". She has defied the odds by surviving in an orphanage... she continues to amaze us! For Courtney, I think the word "sunshine" describes her best. Funny, because that's actually what her Chinese name means. She is so full of light and life. She shines brightly (and rather loudly at times!). :)

Sara said...

My word for Ethan is "love." I love Ethan more than I could ever truly express. Ethan loves everyone with a blinded heart, no matter the difference or the likeness of each person he meets.

Holli (and Mark) said...

All of these are worthy descriptions for our children. The ones I most identify with for Alex is Hope and Faith! The diagnosis was initially devastating and we were given such a grim view of what his future might be like. We held onto hope and faith that God knew what He was doing when He gave us Alex and are sooooo extraordinarily blessed! Now whenever I worry about some aspect of his todays or tomorrows, I remind myself Alex IS our hope and faith!!!

Scasmflops said...

I see Joy. Carson and all of our kiddos are so full of this indescribable joy. It redefines your definition of joy, and definitely redefines spina bifida. The research I did previous to finding our "family" and having Carson left me with the impression that there was no joy in spina bifida. Boy, were they wrong.

Joy surrounds us!

Ray, Star, and Tanner said...

My words for Tanner and TRUST & PATIENCE. Trust that he'll do amazing things in his own time. Be patient to let him grow at his own pace. Teach him to trust in himself that anything is possible! To be patient and keep going! He has taught me as well as others so much about patience and trust!

Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

HOPE definitely defines our Brooklyn. It has from the beginning...that's why it's her middle name!

I have been told that she has inspired many, and I'm positive all of our readers have had the same said to them.

Hope in the Lord and His faithfulness is what our children represent. They can do all things through Him who gives them strength!