Saturday, January 1, 2011

Watch the Project E.L.I. Documentary

A few months ago, you may have had the opportunity to read up on this special documentary based in Arkansas about parents being prenatally diagnosed with spina bifida. And some of you took a step further by ordering one of our "Team Eli" tshirts for our fundraiser and one of our blog families in California requested copies of the documentary to distribute to her doctors in her state. Now, you can view the documentary online on YouTube! Please take a moment to watch this documentary (and grab a kleenex because you know these feelings first hand) about SB and the story of our late son, Eli.

Click here to view Documentary on You Tube:

If you would like to request copies of this DVD for your medical personnel in your state, please please please email me at It is absolutely free and the purpose of this DVD is for medical teams from everywhere to hand out to other families being diagnosed as we all were. This DVD was created to give them HOPE before a decision of termination is made.

Much love to my SB families in blogland. And Team Eli tshirts are still available if any of you missed out on the last order. Just shoot me an email-


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