Thursday, January 27, 2011

Take THAT Spina Bifida!

Hi, friends!
I've asked Kari if I can start contributing a regular blog entry titled "Take THAT Spina Bifida!" We say it on Facebook and on Babycenter and on our blogs and probably in person too. Every time one of our kids does something that a doctor said they'd never do--"Take THAT Spina Bifida!" Every time one of our kids works so hard for weeks or months or years to get to a certain milestone--"Take THAT Spina Bifida!" And every time one of us parents overcomes the trauma of the pregnancy, the NICU, the waiting, the hospital stays, the every day grief--"Take THAT Spina Bifida!" You will not win! We are redefining you!

For my debut I was going to take a video of Nate jumping on his trampoline, but Nate came home from school on "red" again today and his consequence was that we took away all his toys, including his trampoline, for the evening. He has gotten in big trouble every day this week except for Monday. Wanna know why he got in trouble yesterday? He kicked his babysitter and his sister. Obviously, he got in big trouble and we had to come up with an especially creative discipline for that one. But--don't share this outside of our community--praise the Lord he can kick! Take THAT Spina Bifida! :)



Katie at A List Maker's Life said...

I love this! Hoping our new journey will give us plenty of opportunities to say "Take THAT!"

Selina said...

Love it! I felt this way yesterday at Maddie's ortho appt, as I watched a small crowd of doctors and nurses gather around to watch "the little SB girl" walk down the hall pointing out Elmos...Take that SB!

Tiffany said...

Love it!!

Kari said...

love. thanks colleen