Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Balancing Act

Have you ever heard the saying..."life hangs in a balance"? I really hope it is a saying and that I just didn't make it up. Just go with my for a moment and let me expound on my madness this morning. I have been thinking about this a lot this week. I usually do my best or worst thinking while I am working in the middle of the night.

You may be asking...."What could the image of the scales of justice have to do with Spina Bifida"?

Here it is.... That's really me standing there. I am young and beautiful and dressed nicely. I love saying that out loud.... It is obvious I take really good care of myself. What a trim waistline and buff shoulders I am sporting! Not just any Mom can handle a sword like that. All the experiences of my life have given me the strength to hold those scales. Its those scales I want to focus on for a moment.

In my life, I would call one side of those scales family life and the other side would be Spina Bifida. The balancing act comes into play when the weight of one side tries to take over the other. The activities of my older children always have to accommodate the needs of Madilyn. A schedule is so important in her life. Being able to participate in their activities requires planning. When we fail to plan than "Spina Bifida" wins out. When I take the time to plan for little things that she needs it all balances out. The flip side is the same. Taking the extra time to make sure everyone in our house knows what appointments are coming and what is needed for Madilyn it keeps them balanced. We each can plan accordingly and support each other.

Now back to that lady holding those scales. If you notice there are some other interesting things about her. She is blindfolded and she is standing on a strong base.

I often feel like I am wearing a blindfold. Let me explain once again.... I consider myself a well informed Mom. I have researched and studied and read medical journals until I could quote what they will say. I am always well prepared for our appointments and challenge anyone who wants to stall our progress. But, at times that blindfold appears when I lest expect it. Right now the future is unclear. I don't have a magic eight ball to ask if Madilyn's spinal cord has re-tethered. But, because I have walked this path 3 times we know the signs. We recognize the changes and we know how hard it will be for her. But, the picture is unclear. Yet, the woman holding those scales is still strong because of the base that holds her up. For me it is my family and friends and all of those who love our sweet Madilyn.

As each of us balance the scales in our life, let us remember to take care of the woman holding those scales. When we take care of ourselves and our needs it doesn't throw us off the balance. It only makes us stronger and more capable. This upcoming week is full of appointments for Madilyn. I hope I will be prepared to raise my sword if I need to!


Jill said...

Great analogy!

Gretchen said...

Great post!! Love it :)