Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This week I experienced a very hard "my baby should do that, and he is not" moment, and I survived. :) Six weeks after Carson was born a very good friend of mine had a baby girl. She is beautiful and healthy--- which I am so so thankful for, and I am so happy to share in the joy of her growth and development. But, as you other moms know, it is hard when these moments happen. It is a challenge not to break down, and run in a dark corner to hide our tears. And it was hard this time again. We were taking pictures, ( we tease that this will be Carson's future wife) and while I was still having to give Carson a little support to keep him sitting upright, she leaned over and crawled away. Of course, this was like a gut punch, again. But, girls I took that punch, and breathed in probably one of my biggest breaths, then I quickly prayed, "Lord, give me strength, give me courage, give me comfort in your PERFECT will." Immediately I was able to laugh as we both tried (me with one arm since I was still holding Carson) to tie her down and get a good photo.

These moments will happen for all of us, and all of us can take comfort in knowing we are not alone. We have each other and we do have a wonderful God who really does have a PERFECT plan for our children.


Kari said...

And this is precisely why it is so wonderful to have different women in different times and places write on this blog!! Those moments are horrible and hard and can take your breath away. but Praise God we get through them. Those moments broke my heart, but as you said, You pray, you get up and you just keeping going. Thank you for sharing such a hard moment. It helps me remember.

Leigh and Andy said...

Kari is so right. I am so thankful for this blog, for you who write, and for those that read. I can say that these moments do get easier...still there, still hard, still break your heart, but they do get easier. :)