Saturday, July 17, 2010

This week I have spent a lot of time reflecting on our journey. The thoughts shared by the most incredible women this week on this blog have stirred my emotions in ways that I did not expect. I wanted to post comments and tell them how much I appreciated their thoughts but every time I tried the tears got in my way. It frustrated me....

There are times when we need others to remind us to grow and stretch and reach. It is easy to become complacent and accept things when challenges push us to the edge of sanity. That edge can be a new medical crisis that you were not prepared for, a stack of medical bills or insurance issues. It could also be disappointments when milestones are delayed or unmet.

What I discovered this week was..... Rain is needed in order for us to experience the joy of the "Rainbow"! Complacency clouds our vision.

We all can't run full steam ahead at every moment of every day. We may have days when the minimum is all we can do. That is OK. We need to allow others to help us or simply lift us by sharing in our experiences.

I asked myself the hard questions this week... Do I really believe?

I had to refocus somethings that we have been slacking on...... I found it easier to let Madilyn take off her compression stocking than listen to her complain her leg was hot. I have a list that could go on. However, because I do "believe" and want the best for Madilyn I have adjusted my actions to make sure that they reflect my belief in her and her abilities to succeed.

Thanks to those who reminded me of these things this week.


Amory said...

Each time I have gotten out of the car this week, I have asked myself do I want Tucker, REALLY want him to be walking?? I then go and get the walker haul it around and let my boy show what he can do!

Mom of The Fields Five said...

That is AWESOME Amory!

Kari said...

thanks so much for is so hard somtimes, but so worth it.