Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Mobile Stander

I recently was catching up on some of the amazing blogs. (found on the left side of the screen) When I came across Leigh's post on Grey trying out a mobile stander. It stuck out to me because I can remember seeing Toby in a wheelchair for the first time, I can remember dragging it out of the car for the first time (and feeling like everyone was staring at me) Sometimes certainly medical equipment things that we welcome into our lives and our homes (Good things that help our children) Can still be hard.
So thanks Leigh for writing this up!!

The Mobile Stander...

One week during PT, Greyson's therapist mentioned that she would be bringing some new "equipment" the following week. I always look forward to when she does this...whether it works or not, it is always fun to se what new things we can try with Grey. The next week as she rang the doorbell and came in, I saw lots of straps, levers, brakes, and something that I wasn't prepared for...big wheels. Big wheels with handles. Right away I started to tear up. I tried not to let it show, but I see Liz once a week and she knows me well by now. She knew that I would need a few minutes to adjust after seeing these wheels wheels that I didn't think that I would see for awhile yet) so she did what any nice person would do, she pretended like she didn't see the tears in my eyes. She just kept on talking so I wouldn't have to. (Just one of the reasons why I love her.) She started telling me that this thing that to me looked very much like a wheelchair, was actually a mobile stander. She explained that this was a way for Grey to be upright and moving, just like all of his peers. As we were putting him in it, I could see the look on Grey's face. He was not excited about being strapped in and was squirming and trying to get out until...he discovered that he could move these big wheels all. by. himself. He started off by just moving one. Forward and back, back and forward he went. Soon, he discovered that he could use BOTH hands and that he could CRASH into the walls (his favorite part). With each passing movement his smile got bigger and bigger. The more I saw him smile and moving and having FUN, the more OK I became. It was easy for me to see that this was so good for him. This is just one example of Grey, my sweet little 17 month old, being ready for something long before I am. Everyday he teaches me something. Some days he teaches me to be patient, some days he teaches me to be determined, on this day he taught me to open my mind and except whatever it is that can help him.

..whether I am ready or not!


Holli (and Mark) said...

Thank you Leigh for writing that. As you already know, I'm anxiously awaiting Alex's first stander coming in the next week or so and feel a lot of mixed emotions. I agree that its our little ones that seem to be teaching US about life and whats truly important!! Its love, patience, determination, not the "accessories". :)

Jill said...

So well put!!

Amanda said...

That is so great - I saw the video you posted with Greyson in the tennis court - he looks amazing!
It's amazing what kids teach you!

Lacy said...

Autumn gets her stander and Monday and I can not wait! I hope she does just as well as Grey did and wheels all over the house. ;) Thanks for the post.

Gretchen said...

I remember when we had one of these... I LOVED it, as it gave Nat a taste of being upright and I think it was a strong driving force in his desire to walk :)

Best of luck!