Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My letter

I wanted to share the letter I just wrote to the friend I thought of.

I had to write this instead of call you : ) I would have cried!
I recently wrote on my blog encouraging the women to write to a person who helped them through the diagnosis and birth of their baby with SB. I immediately thought of you. You might not have been there in the beginning but you sure made up for it the moment i met you. I know right now you are at a point in your life when you are receiving encouragement more than giving it out, but I want you to know that our first year here you truly helped me more than anyone in the world. I was hurting, uncertain, scared out of my mind and really didnt want too much to do with "healthy" children around toby's age. You treated me normal and didnt let toby's life get in the way of our friendship. you and aaron have never given us the sympathy looks like others or treated us any differently. You loved us regardless and loved toby the same. you didnt love him more or less because of his disability. You didnt give me a choice to be friends with you and you didnt give me a choice not to love sawyer (is her little boy that is toby's age)(which i still do) and for that I am thankful. Had you been stand offish and unsure i dont know what I would have done. God knew that I needed you and your family. Watching aaron throw Toby around treating him like any another boy did my heart so much healing. The day in nursery when I broke down and cried in front of you because of all the things that were hurting. You didnt say any perfect words. You cried with me and hugged me and thats what I needed.
So thank you. thank you for being that friend.
I love you and dont know how i would have survived the first year of moving, surgeries, ER visits, therapy and all kinds of stuff that went with it without you and Becki!

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HennHouse said...

Oh, Kari... This letter is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart for your friend with all of us!