Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Hard Conversation

This afternoon Madilyn and I were playing in the living room. She asked me if I had ever danced the "King Frog" dance. For those of you not familiar with this, it happens to be from Angelina Ballerina. I told her I had never learned that dance.

She them proceeded to put her feet in 5th position and then begin her version of the dance. I cringed every time her right foot planted on the floor. She turned and looked at me and said...."Mom, you are not supposed to frown while I am dancing!". I told her I wasn't frowning but I was just watching her foot. That was not the right answer for a little girl who wants to be a ballerina like her Mom was.

Madilyn has an appointment this week with Dr. Busch. It will be a miracle if her foot is not broken again. She can't feel it. But, it is twice its normal size right now. She has a big swollen ridge on top that leads up to her ankle. Even her compression stocking is not helping with the swelling. No one in the ER would want to handle this so we will wait out the weekend.

After her lovely dance, she told me she wanted to sign up for ballet now. I reminded her that we just can't do that right now and she could talk to Dr. Busch about it. She looked at me and said she would talk to him.

Then, she said...."Mom, Dr. Busch always fixes my leg and foot, so I know he could make me a special ballet shoe so I can be a Ballerina like you Mom".....the faith of a child.

Sometimes I can't make things all better. Sometimes there will be limitations. Sometimes things don't go as we planned. But, sometimes....with a little imagination and ice cream we can have a magical afternoon and dance the "King Frog" dance and all is forgiven and we carry on......until the next time we have this conversation again.

Best Wishes,


E-squared's Mom said...

Madilyn is so lucky to have you as a mom. And the best team of dr.s you just keep telling them what is right for your angel. And she will to.

HennHouse said...

The tough conversations never seem to get any easier. Esther-Faith wants to be a ballerina, too. I know there are dance companies (Dancing Wheels, etc...) that teach dance to children/people of ALL abilities... I just need to find one close to home.

I'm learning... dance is born in the heart, not the legs. Our girls WILL dance. It will just look a little different.