Monday, November 22, 2010

One day at a time

It's been a super busy week at the HennHouse.

More busy than usual... as the husband had a "mishap" at soccer this week.

That "mishap" resulted in a night-long ER visit and three broken bones in his foot.

Those three little broken bones have kept him off his feet. Literally. He's not been able bear weight, drive, or do any of the routine medical care for Esther-Faith.

Umm... I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

One thing we do at the HennHouse though, is try to see the humor in each adventure. Or FIND the humor.

For example, I find it HILARIOUS that Tim was in so much pain the second night of this adventure that he LITERALLY pushed me off the bed. As in, onto the floor.


I've been sleeping on Esther-Faith's floor the last few nights. Not well. But at least, I remain in the same place where I went to sleep.

And, I find it HYSTERICAL that even though she is not remiss to remind us how tired she is of soccer, we find her in her brother's old cleats shouting out the front door at the other brother who is practicing his skills, or sleeping snuggled up with a stuffed soccer ball.

So, we'll see the surgeon this morning about Tim's foot. And in the meantime, we will take it one day at a time. And we'll try to laugh through the added stress and see the humor through the pain.

by Karin (at the HennHouse)


The Forest Minstrel said...

You'd love the humor speaker, Jeanne Robertson (you can find her on iTunes) because she's an advocate of finding humor in every situation... especially in the things we cannot control or change! If you have a few minutes to yourself (ha!) and have the curiosity, you should go find her. After all, if she can survive being 6'2" tall at the age of 13, I think she has the right to speak about laughing at the things we cannot change (or control) >.0 (that's a wink, btw)
p.s., your verses for the day... Psalm 13:5,6 (esp. verse 6)

Nicole said...

Ahhh... I can so totally relate... I broke my foot a week ago and have been dealing with not being able to do anything (yep, right foot for me... so no driving). But I did manage to cath our oldest daughter prior to going to the hospital for xrays!