Monday, November 15, 2010

a little challenge

Frequently while I am checking out at a store, or eating in a restaurant I am asked about Carson ( guess he's cute not to get attention) Always, you get the typical baby questions. Age, weight, diet, and then milestones. Oh the milestone part. Here are a few examples....

"Oh, he must just be getting into everything then as he crawls around"

" When did he start crawling?"

" Is'nt so much nicer now that he can crawl around."

And now that he has turned the big one, the questions are going towards walking.

Today, while at Target the clerk who also had a near one year old boy asked me if he had started walking... hers was close.

I quickly answered her "No. not yet, he has spina bifida so were just not quite there." She was obviously curious about it, and wanted to know more.... the door was wide open... and I changed the subject. I had the perfect opportunity and I didn't and grrr am I dissapointed with myself. Now she may go home and google it and become misinformed.

Sometimes these questions and moments are hard. They strike chords in our heart that can bring tears. But ladies, we have an opportunity in our children to help others. To spread awareness. To encourage. Our kids are miracles... Our kids are blessings... Our kids have spina bifida. Let's not hide that, let's not pass up opportunities.

I challenge you this week to somehow tell at least one person what spina bifida is. The truth about it.

Remember we are REDEFINING.


Joanna (and David) said...

Well said Karen! And don't beat yourself up over this one's only one time...and we all have them. There will be many other opportunities for you (and Carson!) to tell his story...our stories. :) Love you!!

Kari said...

i completely understand!!! completely!!! those silly shirts are like therapy for me because i feel like im letting everyone know!!
its still so stinkin hard though. weve all been there

Colleen said...

You know, in a way, you did a really great thing just the way it happened. She saw this adorable, totally normal kid, and you happened to mention that he had SB but didn't make a big deal out of it. I'm sure that left a big impression.