Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We've got about 27 members on our flickr group and some posts!! I love seeing all the pictures!!

Make sure you pop on over and check them out and dont forget to leave a comment on your favorites

Hopefully there will be some flyers and advertising going on soon for our next order which will actually start sometime next week. The shirts WILL NOT BE ORDER TILL THE FIRST WEEK IN DECEMEBER THOUGH! : )

And this time we are going to make it a little competition. Leigh and I talked and we decided that the national SBA really probably gets quite a bit of LARGE donations but the little chapters dont. : ( So this time we will be giving the proceeds over to whichever AREA raises the most support with the highest number of orders. So make sure you call your local chapters and let them know!! This will be my final order for some time maybe even a year. : (

thanks you all!!! Your wonderful. Will post the flyers on here when they are done and then you can print them or send the website info to anyone you know.



Colleen said...

Awesome idea! I'm up for the challenge!

Sandy said...
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